Since I have been with my Soul Mate Donna for 28 years, I know how precious a Soul Mate relationship is. Let me help you find yours! 

This session's specific focus will be removing your blocks and beliefs that limit YOUR ability to attract, recognize and accept a compatible Soul Mate relationship into your life. As well, you will be given exercises to help you action, your Soul Mate attraction.  Are you interested? 

In developing this session, I found it can take 2 to 4 sessions, to help get you past your core limiting beliefs. This session is customized to YOU!


We work on clearing any emotional attachments and beliefs from your past relationships, limiting beliefs from your parents, body level memories/trauma and any other areas that get in your way, relationship wise. This gets you on your way to attracting and meeting the right person for you.

Are you ready to meet your Compatible Soul Mate? 

If so, please contact me today and we can set up your first session, and start your journey to the relationship you desire. 

The session is 50-60 min long and are in person or   via ZOOM or phone. 

$90 per session. 

Client Feedback:


" I have been amazed by the true healing gift David has. He has the ability to see things about my life that  are very personal and reach the core. 

During a session David is very reassuring , empathetic and understanding and

will always put me at ease. His flexibility to work over Zoom and different

time zones is so convenient .

I feel honoured to have connected

with someone with genuine healing gifts. Thank you David."  (RM, Vancouver )

To contact me or book a session:

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