Come and experience this truly transformative process!

​Transformative Rebirthing Breathwork is a simple, gentle yet powerful conscious breathing technique.

It brings into awareness not only our unconsciously held beliefs and emotions but also the relationships we have with our bodies, ourselves, our intimates and our world. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves. This can clear body stored cellular memory and trauma and it frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy and allowing us to move towards fulfillment of our potential as human beings.

Rebirthing is a powerful healing method which offers you an experience of freedom and mastery in your life by helping clear body stored cellular memories.

Rebirthing brings expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual

To compliment the process, we have integrated up to 30 minutes of Theta Healing in the first session. This can enable the client to go deeper, more easily; allowing transformation to accelerate

Each Breathwork Session lasts 1 - 2 hours. 


We have found that doing 3 sessions in a short period of time has the greatest effect. 

Each 1.5 - 2 hour session: $125

If you prebook 3 sessions the 3rd session is ONLY $80

for your journey  . . .

How does it work?

The breath acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, between the mind and the body. You can control your breathing consciously by,  for example, pranayama breathing exercises, but if you don't think about your breathing for a whole day, you still are breathing.

Rebirthing works on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical well being and the openness of the breathing. Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tension in both the body and the mind.

"For me our sessions were powerful and dramatic and I was definitely not expecting it. I felt and experienced my energy like never before and it sort of feels like I have finally been formally introduced to it for the first time. Along with the many reactions all over my body, at times I felt like someone turned on a 1000 watt bulb in my head and twice I experienced an unbelievable feeling of being somewhere wonderful and feeling very warm and cozy. From the very first session I can truly say that I became more and more ok with my sleep-time and I felt much more balanced and grounded during the day. Of course this has brought more peace into my life and I cannot thank you enough!" - Gary H., Rusagonis, NB

The most amazing experience I’ve had on my spiritual journey, reconnecting with myself thru my own breath….no drugs, no alcohol, nothing “outside of me”….by breathing I found my spirit and I will forever be grateful to you both, David and Donna, for bringing this to me….showing me the light of breath. Thank you. Brenda, Rusagonis, NB

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