What's on your Mind? 

What's in your Heart?

David Somerville



Express Yourself!

It's the New Music Revolution!

In the Spirit of Fun.

Nate Miller



S i n g ,  C h a n t  or  S p e a k !

You Feel the Emotion.

You Pick the Beat.

Lets Make Some Music.



 Fun Fun Fun 


Break My Day!

In Da Gang


Just Twirk it Baby!

   Tear My

Heart Open

Slow Motion Kiss

Stoners Blend

Sunshine Walker

Iron Flower

    Kick Me

Down Blues

You Gonna            Know!

Tranquil Rain Drops​

Surfin' Girls​

Sophisticated         Love Beans

Edgemont              High

The Milky Way

Reggae Beach

Urban Soul

The Locker

Room Boys

Shake it Baby!

City Lights

Sample DoodleTunes song - "Breathe Easily":

by Denise, Amanda, Gena, Grenville, Danelle and Lisa.

Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by a DoodleTunes Mixocologist.

Breathe Easily - DoodleTunes
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