What is Heart Cord Repair (HCR) you ask?  
As we live our life we form connections to the people of our life.  Even with people we love, sometimes those connections become more like puppet strings and we feel a loss of our power, our SELF. We feel overwhelmed by the sense of obligation, responsibility or we simply are fighting the expectations they have of us. Our heart holds all of these feelings, waiting for a way to release them, so we can express ourself.

HCR is all about strengthening existing relationships. 
How? By you cutting all the strings of obligation,       responsibility, expectations and other Human games that do not serve you nor your partner.  In doing this, the Heart Cord connection between the two of you in the relationship, is strengthened. We find a greater expression of ourselves as a result and free the other party in our relationship to do the same for themselves. 

HCR can also offer a loving way to close the door on relationships that need to be finished.
How? By you cutting all the strings that bind you to this person, that are no longer needed for your journey. This procedure works at Soul Essence level, facilitating closure, while maintaining the true loving energy between You and another. This session is most useful in divorce, parental connections, passed over Souls; releasing you both for what is next.

45 to 60 min session - $90. In person, via ZOOM or phone.

To contact me or book a session:

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