After 3 yrs away from doing  conscious channeled readings, I was inspired to do them again, but with a different intent this time.  This time, I feel so blessed to be able to connect to the energies of the MELCHIZEDEK, one of the incarnations of THE CHRIST energies on Earth. Their teachings related to principle of the "Law of One." 

As I am an ordained priest in the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK , I was not surprised when I was directed to connect with this Divine Energy and call this reading a "Oneness Reading." 


So here it is, the ONENESS READING Intent:

To help you become a Fully Awake Human Being,  Fully Aware of your TRUE DIVINE SELF.  And in doing so embody your TRUE SELF into your everyday life., in very practical ways.


The reading begins with opening messages followed by your questions. The messages can give a more expanded perspective on your journey here in this Human experience, but be very practical in their application to your life. With this  Divine awareness that the reading can give, you can begin to express the power, the choice of YOU, to help make the changes you wish to make in your life and find acceptance  of SELF in the knowing who you really are.

Sessions are 45 to 60 min in length and are recorded in MP3 format that you can download later to keep and listen to again. There can be a lot of information to take in, as well as energy that is imparted with the messages on a deep level.  

Session INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $60 ($100 Reg.)


"Overall the session clearly explained in easy to understand terms a road map to get out of my own way. And stumbling blocks I have placed in my way were clearly identified and made perfect sense to me. The 'mind' likes to be in charge and now with the new tools I received during the session I can make better choices in silencing it...with love of course!" - Name withheld NB Canada

A Brief History of Melchizedek
 ​Of the many incarnations that “The Christ” assumed in order to serve the human condition, one is Melchizedek,  a totally balanced being— as a Priest and as a King— and spiritually androgynous. Being more “spirit” than “physical”, he/she appeared on the Earth without a birth experience, wrote The Book of Job and the teachings on the principle of “The Law of One”.
Upon completing his physical work, through true spontaneous combustion, he left the earth plane. Melchizedek is beloved by many faiths, as a great teacher and prophet. The “School of the Prophets” and the Essene Order are a result of his earthwork.

Thank you so much for the oneness reading.  I found the information enlightening.  I enjoyed how you knew I had questions and answered them without me saying a word! thank you so much David! A service I would highly recommend to anyone!

- DC Saint John NB

"This reading was most effective. The best way to describe it would be to say that my plug had been pulled out of the outlet and now it is plugged back in. My heart felt so much lighter and my head as well. It was like all the dust in the corners had been taken up in a vacuum cleaner hose. Or that pieces of a puzzle had been put back in place. Almost like things I knew had been misplaced were found. I am still feeling lighter and 'tuned in' a radio dial needed a slight adjustment to get rid of the static."
- Name withheld. NB Canada

"Very interesting work, and would like to connect again in the future." 

-Dr. B. New Jersey USA."

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