This session uses Harmonic Sound Healing and Theta Healing methods and is done long distance.

What is Harmonic Sound Healing? 

Harmonic Sound Healing uses sound and frequency attunements. 

When I connect to the energies of the Creator, I am given specific chants to sing that act as an open door to allow energies and information that supports the energetic harmony of your pets health on all levels to download into your pets energetic field. Your pets body knows what to do with the energy it receives. 

I also can be directed to use Theta Healing methods to clear any shock and trauma your pet as experienced or taken on as well as clear any emotional or mental programming that affect their behavior. 

This session works on the physical, emotional and mental issues your pets can have.  I have worked with dogs, cats and horses. 


Changes can be instantaneous or may take multiple sessions.  

As the session is done long distance,  there is no participation is required by you or your pet.   I will email you how the session went once completed.

Session rates:

1 pet: $60.00

2 pets - $90.00 

(dogs, cats, horses, etc)



“I requested David to treat my dog Starr for her fear and anxiety issues
surrounding different situations. I am very pleased to state that I have
noticed an overall calmness in her and she is not overreacting to
things that would once have her running for the hills.”
- Connie B. Fredericton, NB

“Most noticeably in that first week is she didn’t throw up her food at all. Within a couple days her appetite went back to normal and then       thereafter increased to a healthier level for the past week.”

- Chuck S. Rhode Is., USA

“I just want to say thank you so much for Troubles Theta session. The day you did the session with him he was very nervous and just wanted to be held. The next day he was out and around more. And I could not believe the change in his coat. So very soft and fluffy and lighter in color like it use to be. I also noticed that he seemed to be walking around much better. His posture is so much better now and  dose not seem to be lame at all. He just seems to be happier healthier and more comfortable. He is also showing more affection.  

- Heidi D. Fredericton, NB

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