As an Intuitive and using a Tarot deck as a diving board, I will connect to your Spiritual Support System to give you messages and answer questions around any area of life you need assistance in.  

 The reading is recorded in MP3 format and available in person and long distance via ZOOM or phone.

30-40 min reading - $50 CAD

50-60 min reading - $80 CAD

If you wish to book an Intuitive Card Reading or have questions, please contact me at

This session has evolved into this new format.

Past Life Readings is where a you get to know about 3-4 past lives you have had with ONE PERSON in this life. The lives I am given the information to share with you will relate directly to this life, specifically how they affect both of you. The information will give you an understanding of why you are together, why your relationship is like it is and how you can use this information to help your relationship with that person in this life. I maybe also given areas where we can work on clearing  vows, oaths and promises from these other lives you may have, that will help your relationship in this life. 

Each reading is unique as your relationships are.  It could be a friend, your partner, a family member or even someone you have struggles with. It generally takes up to 30 min for each person you wish to know your past life connection with. You can of course bring more than one person to know your past life connection with. The reading is recorded in MP3 format and available in person and long distance via ZOOM or phone.


Below are the prices based on time for this reading.

30-40 min reading - $50 CAD

40-60 min reading - $80 CAD

 If you have someone you wish to know the past life journey you have taken together, why they are in your life through a Past Life Reading or have questions, please contact me at 

Thank you so much for the reading. 

I found the information enlightening. 

I enjoyed how you knew I had questions and answered them without me saying a word! thank you so much David! A service I would highly recommend to anyone!

- DC Saint John NB

"This reading was most effective. The best way to describe it would be to say that my plug had been pulled out of the outlet and now it is plugged back in. My heart felt so much lighter and my head as well. It was like all the dust in the corners had been taken up in a vacuum cleaner hose. Or that pieces of a puzzle had been put back in place. Almost like things I knew had been misplaced were found. I am still feeling lighter and 'tuned in' a radio dial needed a slight adjustment to get rid of the static."
- Name withheld. NB Canada

"Overall the session clearly explained in easy to understand terms a road map to get out of my own way. And stumbling blocks I have placed in my way were clearly identified and made perfect sense to me. The 'mind' likes to be in charge and now with the new tools I received during the session I can make better choices in silencing it...with love of course!" - Name withheld NB Canada

"Very interesting work, and would like to connect again in the future." 

-Dr. B. New Jersey USA."

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