Do you have ANY relationships in your life that you wish could be more harmonious? 


This session can be effective working with both people from the relationship OR just the one person.

In this session, I will be using Transformative Belief Work to uncover and remove any limiting beliefs relating to ANY relationship in your life: life partner, family, friends or co-workers. ANY relationship, living or passed on. 

Do you ever feel you are not expressing who you really are in your relationships?  

 In doing these sessions, I have found that most clients have limiting beliefs, that go back to their birth family. That is where we "learned" to be who we are.


GOOD NEWS: Who we have "learned" to be may not be who we really are!


 We play out our lives through these beliefs, that do not represent our TRUE EXPRESSION. Transformative Belief Work can help you clear these patterns and transform your relationships.


As a Transformative Belief Worker, I like to take you, the client, to the point where you are free of the core limiting beliefs; so you can be yourself in your current relationships. As well, you can begin to attract and experience the relationships you truly desire in your life. 

Do you have any relationships in your life you wish could be more harmonious?  If so, please contact me  to start your journey to the relationships you desire. 


1 hr Session is $90.  

To contact me or book a session:

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