“I feel so good since our session.  My relationships are different, I am different. More grown up, more secure.  I don't feel terrified like I did before.

 I don't need validation..  Even the people around me have changed (especially my husband...) I am more calm... I could go on 4and on but I won't.  It just feels right and I am very thankful for that.” 

– S.G. Woodstock, NB

“During a session David is very reassuring, empathetic and understanding and will
always put me at ease. His flexibility to work
over Zoom and different time zones is so
convenient. I feel honoured to have connected
with someone with genuine healing gifts.
Thank you David." - RM, Vancouver BC

What is Transformative Belief Work? 
To resolve:
 Feelings of Unworthiness
Family and Relationship issues
Money and Abundance issues
Health and Wellness issues 
Overcoming Fear
Transforming Trauma
Transforming Negative Thinking
Blocks to Creativity
Blocks to Divine Connection
and MORE...

"Thank you for helping me recover. I am more
positive and doing well now. I think I got my
grit back. I will be forever grateful for what you
did for me."  - SG, Singapore

“Great, David! Thank you so much. That
session was amazing. I started doing the
exercises and I feel better already. Everything
you said makes total sense.” - JC, Thailand

“I just want to say thank you so much for the session yesterday it really helped and I feel like an old karmic tie has been lifted from me

                                     – Lee.M., Fredericton, NB 

Did you know that: 
directs our life 95% of the time? 
only 5% of the time?
We don't stand a chance overcoming our limiting unconscious beliefs without uncovering and transforming them!
What if these unconscious beliefs
do not reflect who we really are,
nor support our desire to create
the life we truly want to live?  
This is the purpose for
To access and change these
unconscious limiting beliefs. 
Permanently. Forever.

A Transformative Belief Work session can help you uncover and transform limiting unconscious beliefs and patterns that you may have at the Mind Level, emotional attachments at the Heart Level  and memories on the Body Level.

On the Mind Level, these beliefs show up in your life as negative self talk, fears or just a feeling you are not yourself. You do not stand a chance to overcome these unconscious beliefs without first, making them conscious! Only by bringing themto a conscious level can they be transformed.

On the Heart Level, Resolution of these attachments allow you to be more free to be yourself whether you wish to strengthen your current relationship or finish it. These attachments can
come from previous love relationships, family members or people in your life. The attachments may be from this life or other lives .

On the Body Level, these memories can activate your body’s fight or flight system, that puts you into lower emotions like fear, anger, frustration, etc.  This creates stress in the body that can lead to  dis-easeon all levels. Once we have found and

removedthese memories, your body can go back  into a rest state again, being able to focus on  normalizing all your body systems.

As an Intuitive, I am given exercises to take away from the session, that you are to use, to support the changes made during the session.


Transformative Belief Work 1 hr Session is $90.


 Combo Transformative Belief work and

Harmonic Healing combo session  is $90. 

(30 min belief work and one recorded

sound attunement with instructions) 

Available in person or via ZOOM, phone. 

Sessions are recording in MP3 format.

Contact me below if you wish to book a session or have questions about what I do.

To contact me or book a session:

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