“I feel so good since our session.  

My relationships are different,

I am different. More grown up, more secure.  I don't feel terrified like I did before.  I don't need validation.. 

Even the people around me have changed (especially my husband...)

I am more calm... I could go on and on but I won't.  It just feels right and I am very thankful for that.” 

– S.G. Woodstock, NB

To resolve:
 Feelings of Unworthiness
Family and Relationship issues
Money and Abundance issues
Health and Wellness issues 
Overcoming Fear
Transforming Trauma
Transforming Negative Thinking
Blocks to Creativity
Blocks to Divine Connection
and MORE...
Did you know that: 
directs our life 95% of the time? 
only 5% of the time?
Do we really have a choice how
we think, act and feel? 
What if these unconscious beliefs
do not reflect who we really are,
nor support our desire to create
the life we truly want to live?  
This is the purpose for
To access and change these
unconscious limiting beliefs. 
Permanently. Forever.

In a session, we uncover the source of the issue you wish resolved, be it from a belief that is a genetic pattern from your parents, from another life, this life or on a Soul level. Using a Heart focused Theta Healing method we an transform these unconscious limiting beliefs. 

Transformative Belief Work 1 hr Session is $90.


Combo Transformative Belief work and Harmonic Healing combo session is $100. (Special Intro Price - Reg $120)

Available in person, SKYPE/ZOOM, phone. 

Sessions are recording in MP3 format.

Did you know that by the age of 7, the beliefs that we will use for our whole life, are well established


 Up to that age, we as children have been living in

Theta Level Brainwave consciousness. This is when we are in learning mode as a child, most open to accepting the beliefs and patterns we are taught from our surroundings, our parents, siblings, teachers, and society. This helps us understand and live the human life we do. This is a good thing, for the most part. 

Question is, what if some of those beliefs our parents, society and experience gave us do not match with

who we really are and our natural desire to be uniquely us?

What if that is where the cause our unhappiness

and lack of  fulfillment in life comes from? 

Due to the Law of Attraction, whatever beliefs we hold in our consciousness creates our thoughts, feelings and actions which create the life we are living. So trying to change our lives on the outside will only temporarily change the thoughts and feelings we hold inside. Only when we can transform those limiting unconscious beliefs can we truly be free to be our true HAPPY SELF and in doing so,

feel and live the fulfilling life we desire. 

The first thing is, YOU are NOT those

learned beliefs that are running your life. They are

just programs running. They are not you! 


Secondly, WHO YOU REALLY ARE, the person with all

those desires to live a happy life, resides underneath 

those limiting beliefs you were taught or were born with.

Lastly, there is an effective way to change these limiting beliefs, and to uncover the REAL YOU;

to allow you to live a happy and joyous life. 

 Transformative Belief Work is that way!  

“I just want to say thank you so much for the session yesterday it really helped and I feel like an old karmic tie has been lifted from me

– Lee.M., Fredericton, NB 

What is Transformative Belief Work? 
"Using a Heart Connected Theta Healing Method"
To contact me or book a session:

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